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Create Supportive Environments for Children to Excel

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Classrooms and schools are out of control throughout the nation. Drop out rates are at their highest. Dis-orders such as ADD and ADHD continue to soar. So in this day and age it is imperative that parents and teachers know how to assist children so they can excel in school and in life.

Parents and teachers can create supportive environments for children to excel by using a combination of organization, time management and Feng Shui.

Organization: Before the school year starts this is a great time to go through all your children's closet stuff, drawers and desks. Recycle or donate what they can no longer use or need. Learn More Time Management: Believe it or not children thrive better when they have consistency in their lives. Review your child's (and yours) lifestyle, activities and stress levels (when they are up or down, more responsive or not). Learn More Feng Shui:  The colors, sounds, aromas, patterns, shapes, textures and placement of furniture can have a profound effect on children and you, whether it is negative or positive. Understanding what and how each of the above 'communicates' and influences is an important step before adding or changing your children's spaces or school environment. Learn More
When it comes to children one should learn to be somewhat flexible with routines, schedules, and their clutter. While this takes practice in training them (and yourself) how, when, and where things should live and be stored or contained. Within a week or two of consistent training (depending on age of child) your children and you should be well on your way to having less chaos, clutter and stress in your lives. It will take some action, guidance, and patience on your part to do what are you waiting for? Let's get your children and their stuff under control once and for all and create supportive environments in which they can excel.